Bridal Veil Falls- Yosemite Full Rainbow

Welcome to the limited edition wildlife and scenic photography page!  I am proud to share all of these photographs but especially the "Blue Phase Ross Goose". This goose (number 3 in the line up) is extremely rare!  There are only 1 of these out of every 3 MILLION Ross geese!  There are several photographs spread out thru this album. As you peruse thru you will travel the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Sedona, Lake Almanor and surrounding areas as well as Maui, Carmel, Lake Tahoe and the oldest ghost town in America "Bodie".  Enjoy the wildlife all thru these scenic areas!

Photography is for sale - call for specific pricing and grouping specials. (All are limited edition, signed and numbered) Photos are not watermarked with name as appears here.  

Right click on the photos you wish to purchase, copy -paste and email to